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Leonie Challacombe, Owner
Animal Affair
Mooloolaba, Queensland

Gary Hall, Owner
Southern Tails
Ashboro, North Carolina
United States

  Aine Whelan, Owner
Dog's Body Grooming
Dungarvan Co. Waterford

Philip King, Owner
Lefroy Ontario

Stephanie Clarke, Owner
Posh Pawz Dog Grooming
Ballycumber, Offaly 

Kristin Hrenkevich, Owner
 VIP Pet Spa
 San Clemente, California
United States

Kathy Spencer, Owner
The Gingerbread Dog House
Jamestown, New York
United States

The Gingerbread Dog House

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Special Warning for Salon Owners about Employees

Client Bonding so they will NEVER Leave Your Salon

The Important 25% Rule about Prices You Must Know!

Simple Way to Raise Your Income by $40,000 per Year

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How to Use Customized Report Cards to Get More Appointments

How to Increase Your Appointment Capacity without Adding Groomers

How to Legally Get Around Sign Regulations to Get Your Salon Noticed

Template for Official Employee Disciplinary Notice and How to Use Them

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Mission Statement:

To exceed your expectations by providing pet groomer business training which will at the minimum double your income and clientele in the next six months in order to create for you an extremely financially successful and rewarding business in the pet grooming industry.

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